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If anyone in our homes has benefited from the last few months, it would be our pets.

Pet owners have reported that their dogs and cats have loved having their owners at home.

Meanwhile, with dog-napping on the rise and puppy prices more than doubling, it’s impossible not to notice the puppy boom.

The dog population of Britain has increased by 10% to well over 11 million.

It’s thought to have been driven by a combination of people feeling lonely during lockdown and, partly due to working from home, feeling like they finally have the time to dedicate to a…

It’s been more than a year (1 year, 1 week and 3 days if you’re being particular), since Boris Johnson announced a national lockdown in the UK.

The whole situation has had a devastating effect on many people’s mental health: the Centre for Mental Health estimates that up to 10 million people in the UK will require new or additional mental health support as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic response.

Work is inextricably linked to this, both as a source of additional stress and as a potential support system.

For despite giving up everything else, we have continued to…

When you picture an environmentally friendly office, your mind probably goes one of two places.

The first is a state-of-the-art building, with clever tech that automatically minimizes energy use and so many plants it’s more of a conservatory than an office.

The second is far more low tech, a place where the coffee granules are reused and any used paper is fed back into the printer.

But perhaps companies that care about the environment don’t need to go to such extremes to reduce the footprint of their offices.

What if we just get rid of the office?

Although it may seem a bit Captain America “ There’s whales in…

It started with a coworking space. Of course.

2014. Desk Union, Edinburgh.

Like a meet-cute in a J-Lo film, Steve and Michael got chatting at the coffee machine and instantly hit it off.

Not that long after they started a business together: a commercial property survey company.

This was very much not-your-traditional-surveyor. They used cool tech like lasers and drones and quickly landed some pretty sizable clients, like Amazon, the NHS and Marks & Spencer.

Ro (another passionate coffee drinker, introduced by the community manager) became their first drone pilot — while moonlighting from his job as a developer.


Do you remember that time — I think it was about the 7th of May 1995 — when we thought we no longer needed feminism? Some unholy combination of Margaret Thatcher and the Spice Girls convinced us that the struggle for women’s rights had been completed. Done. Finito. Gender equality: achieved.

Only it turns out that’s a bit like saying racism is over or ableism is no longer a thing. And like those and other prejudices, it’s not just a problem of individuals, it’s an issue of institutions.

The struggle for gender equality also can not be divorced from the…

A man works at a laptop while sitting on a rooftop
A man works at a laptop while sitting on a rooftop

There are many things we don’t know about what the post-pandemic world will look like.

Will the disruption to education have a long-term impact on socio-economic divides?

Will crowded live events be the same?

Will we ever feel comfortable blowing out birthday candles?

But one thing we do know is that the world of work has undergone a dramatic shift.

Standard Chartered. Salesforce. Spotify. Pinterest. Dropbox. Twitter. Yelp. HSBC. These companies, and many more, have all announced significant changes to their workplace strategies, with remote and/or flexible working being commonplace across the board.

But is this change going to improve…

Of the many things people have struggled with during the past year, isolation is one of the biggies.

For many of us, the office was a place for social interaction, where the monotony of everyday tasks could be broken up by discussion of Married at First Sight Australia and Friday drinks provided a fixed endpoint to the week.

The Atlantic wrote recently about the consequences of losing these sorts of casual friendships: “The depth and intensity of these relationships varied greatly, but these people were all, in some capacity, my friends, and there was also no substitute for them during…

In our recent webinar on London workspace in 2021, we were joined by Beth Toms, head of people at tiney and former workplace lead at Monzo; Sam Dawson, head of flexible office transactions at Kontor; Gavin Kamara, head of leasing at Kontor; and our own Michael Cockburn to find out how the pandemic has (and hasn’t) changed the workspace market, the mistakes to avoid and the wealth of options out there for scaling companies.

Along the way we also heard about the new hub and spoke model, the way landlords are adapting to tenant demands and exploding toilets (Monzo’s first…

This blog was inspired by our webinar on Friday the 5th of February, where one of our speakers is going to be Beth Toms, former head of workspace for Monzo, who is passionate about the ways companies can encourage diversity and inclusion.

At first glance, offices might seem to have little to do with diversity and inclusion. An office is a place where people come to do their jobs, not a HR practice like more inclusive hiring or assigning new recruits a mentor. …

A fortnight ago the mayor of Paris announced that the plans would go ahead for the Champs-Élysées, Paris’s most iconic road, to be transformed from an eight-lane highway belching pollution (seriously, it’s more polluted than the ring road around Paris) into a green and leafy space, with more room for pedestrians. Out with the cars and in with the rollerblades!

This is part of mayor Anne Hidalgo’s wider plan to make Paris a “15-minute city”, the brainchild of Sorbonne Professor Carlos Moreno which has since gained traction across the globe.

What is the 15-minute city?

The basic idea of the 15-minute city is that people…

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